Webinar | Modernize Your Statistical Computing Environment 



Today’s pharmaceutical researchers, biostatisticians, data engineers, data scientists, and IT teams are pressured to support top-down initiatives for digital transformation. These initiatives typically include: 

  • Migrating legacy,  on premise statistical computing environments (SCEs) into the cloud
  • Modernizing the tech stack to support a variety of tools -- both open source and proprietary -- that are constantly evolving
  • Establishing best practices for research and analytics workflows, and finding ways to bake those best practices into the foundational technologies that support them
  • Enforcing and automating research tasks that will expedite FDA approvals and ultimately make progress toward having an “FDA-approved” environment

In this webinar, Domino Data Lab’s Vice President for Health and Life Sciences discusses challenges we've encountered across global health and life sciences research teams embarking on the digital transformation journey. Tim Hughes discusses best practices shared across teams who thrive, and highlights one case study about an organization that has reduced friction for data scientists across the enterprise while increasing governance. We conclude with a brief product demonstration showing how Domino’s cloud-native reproducible research platform can help address some of these challenges while accelerating the journey toward an FDA-approved environment.