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    MLOps Hands-on Workshop for Domino Data Lab Partners

    October 13, 2022

    2 Hour Workshop
    8:00am PDT / 4:00pm BST / 11:00am EDT

    Staying current across the AI/ML landscape with Domino Data Lab

    Note: This workshop is meant for Data Science Practitioners and ML Solution Architects from the Domino Service Partner Network.

    Join this live virtual workshop to experience first-hand how companies can mature their data science lifecycle through MLOps best practices. This workshop will guide you through an end-to-end workflow while you learn about some new best practices.  The workshop includes the following lab exercises: 

    • Read in data from a live source
    • Prepare your data in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
    • Train your model on various frameworks
    • Compare model performance across different frameworks and select the best performing model
    • Deploy a model to a containerized endpoint and web-app frontend for consumption
    • Leverage collaboration and documentation capabilities throughout to make all work reproducible and shareable

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    What's in store for you

    Project & Data

    Set up a project, add collaborators, define project goals, and set up data source


    Customize compute environment, leverage preferred IDEs, distributed compute frameworks, and run and track experiments


    Run jobs, model API, web application, and share and collaborate

    Meet the speakers


    Ankur Sinha, Global Partner Solutions & GTM Lead at Domino Data Lab

    Ankur Sinha is a Global Partner Solutions & GTM Lead at Domino Data Lab, focused on Professional Services Partner Ecosystem globally. He is responsible for enabling partners on Domino platform, build industry specific solution offerings and strategize & lead the joint go-to-market with the Partners. He has worked in technology and technology consulting for 14+ years focussed on Technology Strategy, Solution Selling & Execution prior to joining Domino.


    Megan Engstrom, Partner Manager at Domino Data Lab

    Megan Engstrom is a Partner Manager at Domino Data Lab, responsible for managing relationships with our regional consulting partners and OEM partners. She was formerly a Customer Success Manager at Domino Data Lab where she worked with many of our large enterprise customers to drive value from their implementation of Domino Data Lab across their organization. Her previous work experience includes consulting at a boutique sales effectiveness firm and sales engineering for a financial data & tech platform.