Unlock 542% ROI for Customers - Learn about Domino's Partner Program | Partner Webinar #2

Date: Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Time: 9am PDT/12pm EDT

Join this session for both current and prospective channel partners to see how Domino's leading enterprise MLOps platform is enabling model-driven businesses to accelerate the development and deployment of data science work while increasing collaboration and governance.

What does this mean for partners, and how can you join in on this massive opportunity to service customers undergoing large-scale analytics modernization and transformation initiatives?

Join the second webinar in our partner webinar series to hear: 

  • How Domino's open, "system of record" approach streamlines large-scale analytics and data science transformation initiatives within enterprise customers like Lockheed Martin. 
  • How customers achieve remarkable business value through both cost-savings and increased data science productivity with the Domino Platform (an average of 542% ROI demonstrated by a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact® report). 
  • What are the benefits and training opportunities offered as part of the Domino Partner Program?
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