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    Where Is Data Science Innovation Going in Financial Services & Insurance?

    Get Insights from Top Innovators in "The Financial Services & Insurance Data Science Innovator’s Playbook."

    In this ebook, we bring you revealing insights on data science innovation from some of the brightest minds in the industry – individuals who are advancing the profession, achieving new value for their companies, and helping to solve the world's biggest problems.

    “Innovation and disruption needs to happen in people’s understanding of the use of data, and what people are getting out of it.”
    - Tiffany Perkins-Munn | Managing Director, Head of Marketing Data & Analytics, JP Morgan Chase & Co

    Data science departments have seen tremendous growth, both in terms of the size of their teams and their ability to answer critical questions for their businesses. See where these innovators expect even larger gains from the smart application of data science.

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    These top innovators share their insights and experience on data science, careers, and how their field is changing:

    • Tiffany Perkins-Munn, PhD: Managing Director, Head of Marketing Data & Analytics at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    • Mohit Jain, PhD: Director, Data Science/Machine Learning at BNY Mellon Wealth Management
    • Anju Gupta, PhD: Vice President, Data Science and Analytics at Northwestern Mutual  
    • Glenn Hofmann, PhD: Chief Analytics Officer at New York Life
    • Meg Walters, PhD: Senior Manager & Data Science Leader of Allstate’s Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE)
    • Vincent Walden, CPA, CFE: Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year in 2022, and CEO at Kona AI
    • Jeff Jonas: CEO, Founder and Chief Scientist at Senzing
    • Mark J. Bennet: Computer Scientist, Financial Engineer, Technical Manager, and Educator, NVIDIA
    • Antoine Ly: Chief Data Science Officer of SCOR
    • Nat Manning: COO of Kettle

    Financial Services & Insurance Data Science Innovators Playbook

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