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    Where Is Data Science Innovation Going in Health and Life Sciences?

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    For data science to have an impact, you have to change a decision. Otherwise it isn’t data science, it’s just a report.

    - Andy Nicholls, MSc, Senior Director, Head of Statistical Data Sciences, GSK

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    These experts share insights and experience on data science, career advancement, and how the field is changing:

    • Luca Foschini, Ph.D.: Co-founder at Evidation
    • Najat Khan, Ph.D.: Chief Data Science Officer and Global Head, Strategy & Operations for Research & Development at the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
    • Andy Nicholls, MSc: Senior Director, Head of Statistical Data Sciences, GSK
    • Mona G. Flores, MD: Global Head of Medical AI at NVIDIA
    • John K. Thompson: Analytics Thought Leader, Best-selling Author, Innovator in Data & Analytics & Building High-Performance Teams
    • Murali Gandhirajan: Healthcare Field Chief Technology Officer, Snowflake
    • Sanjay Jaiswal: Managing director and lead of R&D analytics in North America, Accenture


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