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    How to Scale Data Science for Innovation across Healthcare and Life Sciences

    ON DEMAND | Originally Aired March 23, 2022

    How Arthur D. Little is helping companies transform their business

    Can data science increase the likelihood and velocity of scientific discoveries making it into clinical practice? How has COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation, and what innovation in AI and machine learning has this driven?

    In this on demand webinar, you'll hear from Michael Eiden, Global Head of AI and Machine Learning and Greg Smith, Partner, at Arthur D. Little, as they discuss the journeys they've taken with client companies in deploying data science at scale.

    They'll highlight their recent work with one established pharmaceutical company and how their adoption of Enterprise MLOps:

    • Expedited clinical trials by developing new models up to 1.5 times faster
    • Drove 30% productivity gains through automation and standardization of key processes
    • Enabled seamless collaboration between their staff and clients

    We've also included a demonstration of how Domino modernizes statistical computing.

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    "We wanted a data science platform for data science professionals who are at the leading edge of their discipline. Other platforms were too simple for hardcore data scientists. Our data scientists feel right at home on the Domino platform and appreciate how much freedom they have in experimenting in Domino. They are not constrained by CPU, hardware limitations, or tooling. And the more flexibility they have, the more creative they can be."

    Michael Eiden, Global Head of AI and Machine Learning, Arthur D. Little

    Meet the speakers

    Michael Eiden

    Dr. Michael Eiden
    Global Head of AI/ML, Arthur D. Little

    Michael is an Associate Director and a member of the Digital Problem Solving team.

    Michael leads ADL’s data science team and delivers innovative state-of-the-art AI/ML solutions addressing complex problems in a variety of different industries.

    Michael is passionate about solving intricate real-world problems with modern, highly scalable data science approaches. He has a 20-year hands-on experience in designing, developing and implementing solutions and has worked in various different industries and geographies. 

    Greg Smith

    Greg Smith
    Managing Partner, Arthur D. Little

    Greg is a Managing Partner at Arthur D. Little, and leader of Digital Problem Solving practice.

    Greg focuses on how emerging digital technologies and associated ways of working can be harnessed to drive the transformation of the business, either to breakthrough problems or to seize new opportunities. 

    Over a 25 year+ career in technology, Greg has worked within businesses as an IT leader, and through consulting organizations as a strategic advisor and intractable problem solver to clients across a wide range of sectors.

    Find out how the adoption of MLOps helped drive 30% productivity gains

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